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Sat Sep 18

Let’s not get fooled by the over advertising of the hair loss prevention shampoo

2020-01-23 12:55:04
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[by Jung Hye Jin] Among people of the modern society with lots of stress, scalp problem has already become a hot issue. Because stress is known for the main cause of the scalp trouble. The first thing people facing the scalp trouble get interest is the shampoo. Since the daily shampoo gives the direct influence to the scalp. But the important thing is that the standard of choosing the shampoo is unclear. Moreover, for us to purchase a ‘hair loss prevention shampoo’ just by trusting the advertisement, we have to acknowledge that there are quite a lot of false advertainments. Then, what are the tips on catching the over advertisement?

There are many things we have to thoroughly consider when choosing a hair loss prevention shampoo, the official approval list by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is under ‘hair loss symptom moderation function shampoo’. Anything that doesn’t follow this listing is all consider false advertisement.  We have to be careful of one advertise with the copy that may describe like a medical product or result keyword title commercial that fools the users. The hair loss symptom moderation cosmetics should be shown as ‘functional cosmetics’ not under ‘medical product’. If you refer to this, you can avoid from getting fooled by the false advertisement.

In the case of shampoo, since it is a cosmetics, you have to be cautious of advertisement that may seem like a medical product by having related expressions to ‘hair loss prevention’, ‘grow hair’, ‘refrain hormones’, ‘recover scalp’, ‘Increase hair root’, ‘allergy, oily skin trouble and other skin disease’.

Also, in the case of hair loss prevention shampoo, when it says ‘the product helps to moderate the hair loss symptom’ is the proper copy that falls under the legal boundary; however, if you see any other advertisements out of this expression, you have to be cautious. The expressions outside of this such as ‘’Prevent hair loss’, ‘increase the hair thickness’, ‘cultivate hair’ ‘reduce hair lose’ and others. Since all the above expressions are the false advertisements that violates the law, it is good to be cautious of them.

Then which shampoo we can trust with its safe components?

There is a trustworthy scalp shampoo you can find on Ha’sol mall, operate by the scalp and hair loss specialized brand Ecomine. ‘Hasol Anagen Scalp Shampoo’ is a shampoo product that strengthen hair by moderating the hair loss through improving the scalp condition. Not only it cleanse the old skin and oil from the inside of the pore with the combination of oriental medicinal ingredients and western herbs, but also it helps to moderate the dandruff, scalp itchiness, hair loss, scalp waste and oil by taking care the damaged scalp and hair through supplying the moisture and nutrition. Moreover, ‘Ha’sol Anti Hair Loss Shampoo’ is a shampoo that is beneficial to strengthening the thin and weak hair; it is a safe product to use since it is part of Korea Food and Drug Administration approved functional cosmetic line.(Photo Credit: Ha’sol Mall)


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