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Fri Sep 18

What is the most beloved K-food throughout the world? It is chicken!

2020-01-23 13:20:39
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[by Jung Hye Jin] Nowadays Korean culture is uprising including the KPOP. Even in the food culture, the Korean culture is starting to get attention. In fact, delicious food always gets beloved by everyone regardless of their gender and nationalities. For the world wide beloved K-food, there is a ‘Chicken’. No one eats chicken just once! It is known as a highly addictive food that even foreigners can’t get out of it. But you can’t think that all chickens are good. Since the chicken with attractive seasoning on the outside and juicy inside is the right chicken. Then what are the chickens that are beloved by the Koreans?

Beloved by everyone, Goobne Chicken!

The most popular delivery food or the best food to share as a tapa with friends is the chicken. Korean’s love for the chicken is somewhat special; especially, there is a newly created word saying “one whole chicken for one person”. Korea is not the country who started the chicken, but we can say it is the country that love chicken the most.

Such Korean’s love for the chicken got spread to the people in the world, there is a high attention for the Korean Chicken. When you look into the ‘Goobne Chicken’, a company that attracts people around the world with its special cooking method and its taste, we can feel the popularity of the Korean Chicken.

All of Goobne Chicken’s menu are popular among everyone regardless of their age since it is light from oven roasting method, but for the most popular menu, we got Goobne Pepper Crispy. The spiciness from the Korean Chungyang pepper’s pungency gently spread into your mouth while it boasts its perfect harmony of crispy exterior and juicy inside.

(Left: Goobne Chicken Cosway Bay, Right: Goobne Chicken Tsim Sha Tsui)

‘Goobne Chicken’, where they have 21 locations throughout 8 countries including Asian region such as Hong Kong, China and Japan, has 7 locations in Hong Kong. Among them, the Hong Kong Cosway Bay location and Tsim Sha Tsui location is the best place to enjoy the Korean Chicken’s flavor since it located in great spot. Since it has great view and various menu, I recommend you to visit here if you want to have a special moment with your family and friends.


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