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Sat Apr 04

‘Jojo Rabbit’ Scarlett Johansson, Warning the born of new life-long character

2020-01-23 16:20:36
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[by Ent Team] ‘Jojo Rabbit’ Scarlett Johansson have warned the born of new life long character.

Movie ‘Jojo Rabbit’ (Director Taika Waititi) is a production of portraying the story of 10 years old imaginary Hitler, Jojo (Roman Griffin Davis), is meeting the mysterious young girl Elsa (Thomasin Makenzie) who have been hiding in the house.

Rosie, Scarlett Johansson’s role, is a kind but strong mother who has funny and lively side. She keeps Jojo’s center during the chaotic situation. Scarlett Johansson turned herself into a mother who tries her best to protect her son she shows us the never been seen before side of her through her great acting.  

In order to completely focus in Rosie role, Scarlett Johansson tried her best to form relationship with Roman Griffin Davis, who took the role of her son JoJo. She said .“I hope that the lovely relationship between Rosie and Jojo could be felt in one sight” It makes us to anticipate the lovely side of Rosie and Jojo family.

Not only that, Scarlett Johansson tried her best to perfectly understand the character by having lots of talk with director Taika Waititi. Director Taika Waititi explained the character as following .“Rosie is one of the strongest characters in the movie who try to keep her son Jojo’s purity in middle of the dangerous and mad situation” He shared his satisfaction on Scarlett Johansson saying she expressed the character, who has realistic but romantic side, in complex level.

Especially, Scarlett Johansson accomplished a splendid accomplishment of putting her name on two best actress awards with ‘Jojo Rabbit’ and ‘Marriage Story’ on the 92nd Academy Award Nomination that came out January 13th. This fact makes us expect Scarlett Johansson’s acting since it is the first time nominating to the both best actress award since 2007 actress Cate Blanchette was nominated for two awards; which is 13 years ago.

On the other hand, movie ‘Jojo Rabbit’ is going to be release on February 6th .(Photo Credit: Walt Disney Company Korea) 


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