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Sat Apr 04

Steaming ‘Bad Boys For Life’ Action Highlights Best 3

2020-01-30 16:44:11
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[by Ent team] ‘Bad Boys For Life’ action highlights Best 3 have been released.

Movie ‘Bad Boys For Life (Director: Biall Fallah, Adil El Arbi)’ is a buddy action block buster of drug squad’s veteran detective Mike (Will Smith), who is getting threaten by the anonymous large organization, is working with his partner Marcus (Martin Lawrence) and rookie team AMMO with a new weapon to finish his last mission as a team.  

#1. Shooting Down Miami In A Super Car!

The first action highlight is an opening scene where they drive down the street like a wind. The millionaire veteran detective Mike, play by actor Will Smith in his prime time, drives the Porsche’s new model 2020 Porsche 911 (code name 992) Carrera as his go to car. Make gets into his super car with his forever partner Marcus, play by Martin Lawrence, to zoom down the Miami outdoor shopping mall, road and beach while showing off a dangerous drift that barely passes passenger bus; especially, the outdoor shopping mall scene was actually shoot among real people who were shopping; which adds more realistic.

#2. Downtown car chase without CG!

The second action highlight is the motorcycle chasing scene that takes place in the downtown Miami. The legendary combination of Will Smit and Martin Lawrence and the rookie team AMMO is chasing after the escaping criminal who found out their undercover mission in order to catch the criminal at the club. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence runs down the downtown road fearlessly in a motorcycle with a side car, at this moment, the motorcycle army shows up to complete the thrilling car chase scene. Not only that, the scene where the two choppers in the air, with a loud noise, destroying the vehicles nearby the road by shooting missiles show what is the thrilling spectacle scene.

#3. The Ultimate Team Play in the Endless Large-Scale Battle 

The third action highlight is the Hidalgo palace battle scene where the final battle takes place. Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and AMMO headed to the Mexico to complete their last mission of the lifetime. There, they show the completely different level of team play action especially, they show the complete action package that includes the cutting-edge tactic using drone, rifle action using one gun to shoot down the giant helicopter, 1:1 whole body action. The superb action that blows the entire building makes us speechless.
On the other hand, movie ‘Bad Boys For Life’ is on the theater (Photo by: SONY PICTURES)


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