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How To Prevent The Scalp Dryness During Winter?

2020-01-30 17:59:19
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[by Jung Hye Jin] Sin and scalp become rough and form dandruff due to the cold and dry weather. Just like face, scalp is part of skin and it creates dandruff due to the dry season then falls off. Once the scalp’s dead body falls, you have to pay more attention because not only it is aesthetically not pleasing; but also, it could lead to the hair loss.

Besides the dead skin formation and fall off due to the dryness, because of the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, it weakens the hair from shrinking capillaries that leads to decrease in oxygen and nutrient supply to the hair. Once the hair become thin and weak, this will become a reason for the hair loss.

If you are suspicious of seasonal hair loss from scalp capillaries shrinking, decrease in hair and nutrient supply and want to remove the dead skin from the scalp, you have to look for various methods to recover the scalp health. I would like to introduce winter season hair loss prevention method.

Maintain Non-Dry Condition

If you frequently use heater to warm up the cold temperature in the vehicle and the office, it causes scalp dryness and could promote hair loss. Moreover, if the indoor temperature rises, it could relax the pore and this could promote the hair loss.

High temperature and low moisture level are the enemy of the hair loss. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to keep the body moisture level to appropriate level by drinking water frequently. Also, stock humidifier and mist then use them whenever you feel dry gives instant moisturizing care.

Since there is a functional product among scalp mist that gives energy to the hair and maintain the scalp moisturized, if you choose appropriate product and use it, it will be more helpful. When you use a product, if you choose a product with natural origin component over a product with many chemical components, it is much better since you can give care without stimulation.

Get Professional Help

You can get help from managing through homecare and daily life but if the scalp problem and hair loss problem already have started and it is not a prevention step, it is good to get hep from the professional. Recently, there is a rise of various aesthetic and professional scalp care center due to increase number of people with hair loss and scalp concerns.

It is a difficult thing to find an appropriate care center that suits one’s situation and problem among the flood of various products and aesthetics. The scalp professional brand ‘Hasol Scalp Clinics Namcheon location’ is known for its 1:1 tailor care; it is receiving excellent raves from the customers with its leading technology and eco-friendly scalp management system.

At ‘Haesol Scalp Clinics Namcheon’, you can choose selective optional care depends on the individuals scalp type and hair loss progression level not the unified program Since it can provide professional care depends on the type basic scalp care, oily/dry scalp, special trouble scalp, early stage hair loss, complex hair loss and hair loss from stress and others, if you want to improve the winter season scalp problem, I highly recommend you to visit.(photo by: Haesol Scalp Clinics)


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