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Sat Jun 06

Food to Enjoy During Picnic?

2020-02-04 14:11:54
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[by park lee seul] These days, the temperature has gone up to the above freezing. Many couples go out on dates on weekends. It is also good to see the wonderful scenery with your significant others and to go out for great meal. Even though eating out is good, making a lunch box with precious memories is also a good way to spend time as a couple. If so, I like to recommend simple and easy-to-eat dishes.

The picnic food is a sandwich. The sandwich comes from the name of John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich in England. Having liked card games, he sat down and thought about how to satisfy his hunger while playing cards. Then, he found a way to solve the problem during the trip then made it and ate it right away. So as the food gradually became popular, the name ‘Sandwich’ was named after him. Nowadays, sandwiches can be enjoyed with a variety of toppings depending on your taste and are widely known for its delicious taste and convenience.

Then, what is the simple way to make a sandwich? First, choose your favorite toppings. You can use ham or tuna as the main toppings, but you can use chicken or pork cutlet for a deeper flavor. Then add the right amount of vegetables to add crispness and freshness. Finally, choose the bread. The common sliced bread is available at a nearby bakery.

If you want to eat rice, not bread, I recommend rice balls. You can easily eat rice balls outside because it doesn't get on your lips easily. You can also choose toppings to suit your taste, so you don't have to worry about it. The main ingredient that goes in is rice and seaweed powder, and you don't have to use other toppings. The dried seaweed powder tastes a little bit of umami because it is slightly seasoned. However, in order to create deeper taste, add tuna or stir-fried kimchi and anchovy stir-fry. The cooking is done when you put the ingredients inside of the rice ball then roll them like a ball.

However, busy office workers are sometimes unable to prepare ingredients. Then, why don't we order delivery? Chicken is easy to make because most people love them. Then, how about a Goobne Chicken? it has clean taste because it is oven roasted and not heavy.

Goobne Chicken's menu is popular regardless of age and sex. However, Goobne Chicken's new 'Cheat Set' became very popular as soon as it was released. The "Cheat King" set, which offers two flavors at once with the original and the spicy taste, has targeted not only those who like the spicy taste but also those who can’t.

With the little warmer weather of above zero temperature, why don't you go out and enjoy delicious food and scenery to enjoy fresh air in the Han River or a park with your significant others? (photo credit: Goobne Chicken)


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