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Sat Apr 04

‘The Invisible Man’ the fear of invisible presence… Remanence still cut released

2020-02-06 17:18:49
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[by Ent Team] 'The Invisible Man' has unveiled a trail of invisible existence.

The movie ‘Invisible Man (director, Leigh Whannell)’ is an unpredictable horror that occurs when the invisible existence present itself. 

The newly unveiled steel also attracts attention with mysterious traces of an invisible presence that seems to be next to Cecilia (Elizabeth Moss), who is clearly alone. The breath from the back of Cecilia in the middle of the night, the hollow chair, which seems like someone is sitting, vividly conveys the creepy horror of the ‘Invisible Man’ that only Cecilia can feel.

The peaceful appearance of Cecilia, who is cooking, raises the question of how the ‘Invisible Man’ might reveal his existence, and the scene of Cecilia struggling alone as if someone was strangled.

As such, ‘Invisible Man’ is largely credited to actress Elizabeth Moss, who plays Cecilia against the horrifying fear from the invisible being. Elizabeth Moss, who made a strong impression on ‘us’ will play Cecilia, who feels alone in ‘Invisible Man’ and will overwhelm the audience with her unconventional acting.

In addition, the ‘Get Out’ and ‘us’ crew joined the team to provide more suspenseful horror, and director Leigh Whannell, who was praised by audiences and critics around the world for his first action film ‘Upgrade’ will once again lead them to a world of fear that has never been experienced with his groundbreaking imagination, intense and unique production sense.

Meanwhile, the movie ‘Invisible Man’ is scheduled to be released on February 26. (Photos credit: Universal Pictures)


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