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Sat Apr 04

Super Junior, conquering 26 countries with ‘TIMELESS’ Ziko made the title song

2020-02-06 17:22:04
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[by Ent Team] Super Junior’s new album ‘TIMELESS’ is an issue.

The Super Junior's ninth repackaged album, ‘TIMELESS’ which was released at 6 p.m. on Friday, has been placed on top chart of the 26 regions of the iTunes; including Colombia, Singapore, Cyprus, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Macau, Malaysia, Thailand, Bahrain, Russia, Spain, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Taiwan, Guatemala, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Indonesia, Israel, Malta, El Salvador, and Egypt.

You can enjoy Super Junio’s new musical world with ‘TIMELESS’  the final version of the TIME trilogy linking ‘Time_Slip’ and ‘TIMELINE’ released in October last year, that includes total of 14 songs, including the title track "2YA2YAO!" and new songs.

The title song ‘2YA2YAO!’ written and composed by hit maker Zico, is a hip-hop dance genre combining addictive rhythm track loops and humming.

Meanwhile, Super Junior made a pledge on ‘V Live of Super Junior the Stage’ that if the music video for the new song ‘2YA2YAO!’ breaks the 7 million-view mark in a week, 1 million per day, it will unveil the music video for the performance version of ‘2YA2YA2YAO!’ (Photo Credit: Label SJ)


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