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Mon Aug 10

‘Jojo Rabbit’, releasing BEST 3 by Taika Waititi

2020-02-14 17:16:43
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[by Ent Team] ‘Jojo Rabbit’ released its best 3 dialogue from the movie.

‘Jojo Rabbit (directed by Tika Witi)’ is a delightful movie about a 10-year-old cowardly boy named Jojo (Roman Griffin Davis) who is the only friend of imaginary Hitler, Elsa (Tomasin McKenzie) who was hiding in her house.

“Life is God's gift, you should enjoy it” The mother's sincerity to protect her son's innocence

Rosie (Scarlett Johansson), who is kind but strong, is starting to worry about JoJo, who believed her mother to be a chocolate inventor, is increasingly starting to get interested only in war and politics. Rosie advises to Jojo, “Life is God’s gift, you should enjoy it” and conveys mother’s earnest desire of Jojo to not lose his innocence even in situations full of intolerance and madness. On top of that, Rosie’s line, “Love is the strongest in the world” conveys a message of love and hope that bloom in a brutal war to Jo, who thinks all emotions are stupid except his own beliefs.

Strong first encounter between Jojo and Elsa

Jojo, who thought the Jews had horns on their head, is surprised to find Elsa, a mysterious girl, behind the walls of his house. Elsa’s lines, which are warning in German, “Gesundheit!” are stuck in the audience’s head and leave a strong impression. Elsa's gesture of “You're not a Nazi, you're a 10-year-old boy who likes to wear weird uniforms and wants to be part of a group” shows the dignity of Elsa even though she has to hide in the closet to keep her life.

“It's all a mess”... Jojo's confession!

After meeting Elsa, Jojo, whose faith has been shaken greatly, is confused by the complex emotions he has never felt. In the situation of chaos, where bombs and bullets fly everywhere, Jojo confesses to his friend, “Everything is a mess” After hearing Jojo’s confession, Yokey, in an indifferent way contrasted with Jojo, says to Jojo “It is not a good time to live as a Nazi” which made audience laugh. It makes us rethink that how scary narrow minded and brain washing created by the crazy reality can be.

Meanwhile, the movie ‘Jojo Rabbit’ was released on Feb. 5 (Photo Credit:  Walt Disney Company Korea)


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