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What are some delicious food from the throw back cartoons?

2020-02-24 09:38:00
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[by Jung Hye Jin] There were times when we enjoy watching cartoon in front of the TV after the school. Before the rise of ‘Mukbang’, there were frequent mukbang scene in the cartoon that stimulate our hunger. What are some popular cartoon with mukbang along with cute character that entertained the cartoon even better?

#Black Rubber Shoes

In the ‘60s, when everyone was poor, KBS2's 'Black Rubber Shoes’, which tells the story of an ordinary Ki Chul family, is a famous cartoon that everyone knows. The cartoon ‘Black Rubber Shoes’, which depicts life in a fun way, was fun to watch its cute characters, but also the frequent mukbangs. Especially, if I were to choose the most memorable food, it would be steamed bun. Dumpling means that if you buy dumplings and steamed buns, you will get two as a bonus. I enjoyed steamed buns with hot smoke and added some realism to the cartoon. In addition, it was a fun cartoon to watch delicious mukbang of various foods such as ice cream, black bean noodles, and lunch boxes with tear.

#Tom and Jerry

We often see the enmity and use the term ‘Tom and Jerry'. Tom and Jerry, a U.S.-made cartoon, is a famous cartoon about a cat who tries to catch Jerry, but often suffers from Jerry's tricks. Tom and Jerry reminds me of Tom and Jerry's favorite yellow cheese! The cake-shaped cheese with its appetizing yellow cheese and holes is also a food that symbolizes Jerry. The cheese, which you'd like to try at least once when you look at the cartoon, is actually known as the ‘Emental Cheese’ that represents Switzerland. It is said that the carbon dioxide generated from the process of maturing the cheese cannot be released out of the house and bursts inside the cheese, However, it also boasts high calorie content as it looks delicious.

#Spirited Away

‘Spirited Away’ one of the masterpieces that anyone who likes anime must have seen. It is an animated film about Chihiro returning to the human world when she gets cheer from the warm words by an unidentified boy Haku, who was terrified of his parents who turned into pigs. Especially, the most memorable scene is when Dad and Mom eat delicious food before turning into pigs in the beginning of the movie. The thick meat legs looked so delicious that it was enough to stimulate the appetite of the audience.

Delicious visual! Goobne Chicken ‘Pepper crispy chicken’

If your eyes were filled with mouthwatering food in the cartoon, what would be a delicious food to satisfy your true palate? Introducing the food of the visuals of meat legs in ‘Spirited Away’. Goobne Pepper Crispy Chicken, which was introduced by Goobne Chicken. As soon as it was released, ‘Goobne pepper crisp Chicken’, which was very popular, is one of the most popular foods for chicken enthusiasts as well as famous mukbang YouTubers. The pepper crisp chicken is a spicy dish with ground cheongyang chili on the surface of the chicken; the outside is crispy and the chicken meat is juicy. The chicken is roasted in an oven, so the calories are relatively low, and the marbling sauce and gobbling sauce are served to make it more flavorful. If you're enjoying your eyes with a mouthwatering mukbang in an animation, let's satisfy your true palate with your appetizingly-looking ‘pepper crispy chicken’.


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