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Sun Jul 12

Isn't there any simple bite to eat when you don’t want to do anything?

2020-02-24 13:30:13
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[by Jung Hye Jin] Evening after long day at work and weekend after busy weekdays, you want to lay on the bed during weekend. It is too much to cook for yourself and to order delivery all the time, the wallet is getting empty then your diet plan fail.
Especially, if you live by yourself, you don’t know much recipe to cook and it is expensive to order a delivery food. So, lots of people look for simple food. What food is there to fulfill yourself with 'simple' warm up not 'cooking'?

Goobne Mall, Chicken Rice Burrito

With 'Chicken Burrito', you can enjoy burrito, chicken and rice at the same time. The clean tortilla is filled with fresh Korean chicken breast and various vegetables. It has a great texture with large fresh vegetables, shiny rice grains and sparkling sweet corn.  
We recommend two flavors: 'Volcano chicken rice burrito', sweet volcano sauce with the smoky flavor, and 'Gabi King Chicken Burrito' with traditional galbi sauce. It is a simply cook meal, you can finish in microwave in 1 minute 40 seconds. With its inner-paper package, it is much convenient and simple. You can fill up your meal with 4,000 KRW per one pack.

Bibigo, Saute fish

Since the number of one-member family increased, it is hard to eat the right-side dish on top of rice. When the dinner table is getting simpler, and if you miss the rich Korean side dish, let’s look into the side dish you can finish it with simple warm-up. Among Korean side dish, saute fish is hard to cook because it smells and hard to take care of the frying oil.
At Bibigo, they introduced 'saute dabs', 'saute Japanese Spanish Mackerel', and 'saute chub mackerel'. Skip all the unnecessary cooking process and once you microwave it 1 minute, the saute fish side dish is ready. For those who are tired of delivery food and miss homemade food, and those who want to cook simple holiday food, we highly recommend this.

Peacock, Pizza

The popular E-mart brand, Peacock, is gaining popularity by showing the various simple prep meal. Even though, it is a simple prep meal, it provides appropriate and rich meal. It has various menu such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Western food.
Among delivery food, pizza is considered the best seller. You are going to abandon the idea that you can only eat pizza as a delivery food. At Peacock, they show various pizza menu you can’t easily see on the market such as 'eggplant pizza', 'mozzarella salami pizza', 'mushroom pizza', 'spinach pizza' and more. It is an amazing deal with microwave cooking time 3 minutes, price is under 5,000KRW. (Photo Credit: bnt DB, Goobne Mall, CJ Cheiljedang, Peacock)


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