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Sun Jul 12

Recommending food to eat with the significant lover

2020-02-24 14:06:23
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[by Jung Hye Jin] Recommending food to eat on the Valentine's day. February 14th is a valentine day when a girl gifts chocolate to a guy. The valentine day started from the third century Rome, At the time, a male and female could get marry once they get approve from the emperor. But the saint named Valentine gave his life when he married couple without the emperor's permission. Since then, the 'Valentine's day' started and every day when he gave his life became a celebratory day for lovers each year. 

But nowadays, people focus on give each other necessary gifts and go out on a date to have a delicious meal rather than giving each other chocolate. If you are wondering about what would be a good food to have along with a meaningful gift on the special day, let’s pay attention here.


The food we can't not talk about dating would be pasta. It is easy to eat clean and delicious. Also, the pasta restaurant usually has great ambiance that lots of couples prefer the dish. Not only tomato pasta, you can choice dish such as cream pasta, rose pasta, aglio e olio. When you add wine on top of the pasta, you can bright up the mood.


Steak is also very preferred dish when couple is on a date. Wouldn't it be everyone's favorite date to go to a great restaurant while eating steak and drinking wine. Moreover. Steak feels like you are having a special dish that it is perfect to set a romantic mood on the Valentine's day. There are steak specialized restaurants who sells steak for a reasonable price so if you want to have an elegant meal for a right price, let's enjoy it. 


Pizza is one of the beloved foods by everyone; especially, it is a great menu to enjoy with a lover. The 'Chicago Pizza', launched by Goobne chicken, is a dish with rich cheese that is perfect for everyone. You can enjoy five types of cheese, ricotta, romano, mozzarella, gruyere, and parmesan's rich flavor. Its arrabbiata sauce compliments the dish even more with its slightly spicy flavor that gives clean finish. Also, the deep-dish dough's crispy texture and nutty flavor makes it a great meal to enjoy along with the beer!


You don't have to go to restaurant with a great ambiance or a special meal on the Valentine's day. When you are having a date at the house, you can still enjoy delicious food. Why don't you enjoy delivery food with your significant others at the house this year? It doesn’t have to be your lovers. When you share meal with your friends and families, it will be much more delicious.


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