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Tue Apr 07

‘The Gentleman’, released audience review video “You have to stay alert”

2020-02-28 17:50:36
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[by Ent Team] ‘The Gentleman’ first released a live review of the audience.

The movie ‘Gentleman (director Guy Ritchie)’ is a crime-entertainment action that depicts an unpredictable game of decent gentlemen surrounding the marijuana empire of Micky Pearson, the drug king who dominated Europe.

The first-ever audience review video released through CGV’s Facebook page shows Hollywood actors' tasteful acting, as well as vivid real reviews of the audience who were able to checked the movie through the preview, which increased anticipations.

The movie is followed by an unexpected accident and Raymond (Charlie Hunnam) who solves it. When asked, “Did you kill him?” he increases anticipates with his witty response, his unexpected anti-war storytelling, and his relentless development. The audiences left the review of “You have to stay alert” “you have to watch it” and “very hip and funny puns”

From the refreshing shooting scenes to the unpredictable twist, “The Gentleman” which literally announced the birth of the most perfect criminal entertainment action of 2020, has doubled expectations with a real review on the internet: “Is this director is the same one as the ‘Aladdin’ director?” ‘The Gentleman’ the new film directed by ‘Aladdin’ Guy Ritchie, who led the 10 million-viewer audience, and a hot topic from the production stage with the perfect cast of Hollywood actors, has garnered enthusiastic reviews from the audience ahead of its release.

Meanwhile, the movie ‘The Gentleman’ is scheduled to be released in Korea on February 26. (Photo Credit: Big, Danal Entertainment)


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