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Tue Apr 07

Meeting the Devil in March

2020-03-05 16:01:48
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[by Ent Team] ‘The Devil’ confirmed its released date and share its main poster.

The Devil (director Michihito Fujii, Tanizaki Junichiro), a film of the same-name novel by Tanizaki Junichiro, an aestheticism and erotic literary mystery, unveiled the main poster ahead of its release in March.

‘Danizaki Junichiro’ is a globally recognized writer who was mentioned four times as a candidate for the Nobel Prize in literature during his lifetime, and one of his work, ‘Fumiko’s Feet’ has already been introduced in Korea.

‘The Devil’ is a mystery-thriller film between ‘Teruco’ who exudes a strange charm as a college freshman, and ‘Suzuki’ who calls herself his fiancée, becomes flatmate at the boarding house.

The poster released at this time shows a man’s image with a nervous facial expression along with the copy write of ‘I knew she was a devil after I died’. It raises the question of who on earth she was and what deadly charm she approached him with.

The director, ‘Hujii Michihito’ captured the distorted side of Japanese society with acute insight in his previous film ‘News Reporter’ and drew attention for Shim’s dense performance. I wonder what modern sense he might have reinterpreted ‘The Devil’.

The movie is releasing in March. (Photo Credit: Hardril Company)


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