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Sun Jul 12

Protect the doggy’s teeth

2020-03-12 12:33:49
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[by Jung Hye Jin] Our puppy is lovely whenever we look at it. Every dog owner’s wish is to have them healthy next to them forever. The most basic way to check the dog’s health is to check if it is eating well and playing well. If your dog seems like it has lost its appetite, you should check if there’s anything wrong.

There are multiple reasons why the dogs lose their appetite and eating less. In the case of an old dog, it decreased its meal size as it ages; if you give out too much snack, it decreased its portion size for the dog food. Besides these, in the case of environmental change such as moving could decrease appetite when feeding dog food.

In the case of short-term appetite decrease, it recovers its liveness when the time passes but if there is a constant reduce in appetite, you can suspect its teeth problem. In this case, you have to take it to the hospital immediately. We are introducing dog’s teeth health management that you can do on daily basis as a prevention method.

Taking care of both health with a firm vegetable snack.
It is an easiest way to take care both health and tooth health. By utilizing a vegetable snack. Let’s utilize carrot, cucumber, sweet potato and others as a dog snack by cutting them into the large stick. The point in this is to cut them large rather than small so the dogs can chew on them.

When they choose large vegetables, in the case of a young puppy, it releases its need to chew on things that prevents it from chewing furniture and tools. Also, various multi vitamin with the low calories benefits our dog’s health, it is a beneficial snack that prevents obesity while filling the vitamin.

It can prevent various teeth diseases through chewing motion while eliminating the plaque on the teeth. One thing you have to be careful is that in the case of very young puppy, the firm vegetable could stimulate it so when choosing a vegetable, pick vegetable that is
somewhat soft.

Feed dog food with a large grain.

The dog food is out in the market with the various ingredients, sizes and shapes. Among many products, choosing a product that could help the dog’s health is the fundamental way of preventing a teeth disease. It is good to choose a product with various properties that is effective for the teeth health.

Rather than the wet food, dry food is good for preventing a plaque; especially, if you choose a dry product with a large grain, you can effectively manage the dog’s teeth health. If it is a young puppy with immature dietary system, it is good to give out a small grain food but if it is a mature dog, the larger grain dog food helps the teeth.

It can naturally eliminate plaque while chewing a dog food with a large grain. On top of that, if you choose a product with a property that prevents a teeth disease, it will be more effective. Recently, there are many products coming out in the market that contains effective properties for the teeth health such as calcium, so it is good to be alert.

Utilize dental gum that is good for the teeth.

Various gums are on the market to effectively manage the dog’s teeth health. It is a popular product dog owner since the dog likes them and it is effective in plaque elimination. Thus, there are many gums on the market with various taste and scent.

It has a benefit of choose a product that you prefer but for the dog owners who can’t simply make decision, they always worry about which product their dog would like more. It is important to decide after you go through its ingredients, allergies or chemical properties.

Dhuman’s ‘Chlorella Low Allergy Dental Gum’ is a product that doesn’t contain any artificial chemical property and seasoning. The product only uses food ingredient that people can eat; to make sure we can feed it to our dog with trust. Also, not only it manages the strong teeth because it is a dental gum; but also, it is multi-function such as hair texture management and stress relief. We recommend it to the customers who make acute chose.


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