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Sun Jul 12

If you are craving ‘delicious meal’ during your diet?

2020-03-12 12:54:51
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[by Jung Hye Jin]  Since there is a spotlight to people who groom themselves, everyone is participating in grooming their body. They are continuing their diet through sweaty workout and challenging diet control. But despite of the strong will powers, they may be tempted from many things. If you want to gift yourself something for rewarding the hard dieting, let’s pay attention to this. We are introducing foods that will provide little healing with non-stimulating taste.

#Blazing Taste! ‘Volcano Chicken rice burrito’

When you are on the diet, ‘rice’ is the most craving one. Especially, if it is rice with spicy flavor, we can’t ask no more. But these two combinations are deadly to the dieter. But if there is a food that can solve everything with 250kcal, it changes everything. The ‘Volcano chicken rice burrito’ from the Goobne mall has sweet volcano chicken and rice filled in the clean tortilla also it boasts its perfect taste with its cheese and various vegetables. The sweet corn that gives popping texture provides a chewing taste. The volcano chicken and rice, that has been already popular among people, is perfect for the one’s meal but it is great to have it has a snack.

#sweet_and_spicy_king! ‘Galbi-King chicken and rice burrito’

For those who can’t eat spicy food, there is a ‘Galbi King chicken and rice burrito’ that portrays sweet and salty. It is a chicken and rice made with the clean chicken breast coated with the Galbi King sauce that recreated the traditional galbi sauce. Since it only has 240kcal, you can eat it with no worries during diet. You can easily eat it by cooking it with the microwave for a minute and 40 seconds. Let’s complete a delicious meal with chicken and rice burrito that is popular among busy office workers and students.


The most popular menu that every Korean love ‘Kimchi fried rice’. It is known as a food that has no preference with its sweet-sour kimchi and rice combination. But for those who is tired of making it, there is a great news. The Goobne mall showed the ‘Kimchi Fried Rice’ that you can enjoy easily. It added more flavor with the juicy Goobne chicken breast on top of sweet and sour Kimchi fried rice with its crunchy kimchi.

You can enjoy super simple dish with Goobne chicken breast kimchi fried rice without having to prepare meat and kimchi. Since you can easily eat it within 4 minutes with the microwave and the sauté pan, if you want to have a delicious meal during diet, why don’t you enjoy it without hesitation. (Photo Credit: Goobne Mall Official Web Page)


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