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Sun Jul 12

Recommending graduation gift for the graduation season!

2020-03-12 13:02:22
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[by Jung Hye Jin] Graduation ceremony takes place on every February. There would be many people who are preparing gifts to celebrate the graduation and for the new start. But when you try to purchase a gift, you are worry about what to buy.
Recently, there are more unique and special products that bundles with flower bouquet, doll, balloon, and even with cash that can’t be missed out for the graduation. More and more, people are expressing each other’s characteristic in a unique way.
From gifts that express unique character to the highly practical gift, We are introducing various graduation season gift that satisfies both giver and receiver. Let’s meet various products chosen by the editor.

Scent that celebrates a new beginning with the feel-good scent

If you are a graduate who is starting an adult life after graduating college, I recommend a scent that smells like a grown up. If you gift a mature scent, different from the one in college, a person can go on their first day of work in a great mood.

John Varvatos Artisan Men eau de toilette for you boyfriend who is anticipating his first day, let’s cheer him up with the sophisticated scent to root him for the big future. It is perfect graduation gift to announce the fresh start with its subtle and sophisticated scent made with Sicily Clementine and Orange, Jasmine and Ginger.

Jo Malone blackberry & bay Let’s celebrate the graduation of a friend with Jo Malone scent who is dreaming of being a career woman as she put down their first step to the real world. Fresh blackberries, laurels and cedarwood scents will root for the lively day.

Targeting the taste with the Analog vibe

These days, there has been a decrease in the amount of work done mainly by handwritten work and we use mostly computer. You might think it's too classic, but why don't you try out an emotional gift that evokes nostalgia with analog sensibilities? However, since there may be differences in taste, it is necessary to consider the person’s preference before buying one.

No matter how modern the working environment is, the essential office supply is pen. You'll need a pen in a variety of situations, such as working on the phone or having to make notes at meetings. Rather than the three-color ballpoint pen that was used in college, I suggest that you present a professional-looking fountain pen.

Lamy lion fountain pen features a simple and unique design by applying a deep-drying technique that is made without joints in the body of aluminum material. If you use a fountain pen that has excellent quality and a high-quality feel, your work performance will also increase.

A practical gift that cheers you up

Gifts for future office work are good, but if you don't have much information about the taste of a person who is receiving a gift, you may as well make a practical gift that everyone likes. These days, people can exchange gifts through smart phone messengers. We would like to introduce food gifts that are both simple and highly satisfying.

Since you can simply send them as a gifticon without walking out of the door, it is the best gift for the person who is giving a gift. Cafe or cake vouchers are good but wouldn’t chicken and pizza will comfort early career adults who are nervous of upcoming days?

Goobne pepper crisp & Chicago Pizza The best gift to comfort the new employee is chicken and pizza for late night snack. Let’s gift the Chicago pizza that contains nutty cheese flavor along with the Goobne pepper crisp chicken that has perfect taste of spiciness and crunchiness. Since you can easily gift it and order as a delivery, it is a perfect gift to give simply with no hard feelings. (Photo Credit: Ralph Lauren, Jo Malone, LAMY, Goobne Chicken)


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