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Sat Nov 28

Best late-night munchies beloved by the Korean

2020-03-12 13:08:55
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[by Jung Hye Jin] There are many products out there you can eat as a meal from the 24 hours convenient stores and various delivery food you can eat regardless of time and place. Therefore, it is hard to not eat a night snack. Especially, for those who love the late-night munchies, you can’t fall asleep when you are hungry. We are introducing the best late-night munchies beloved by Koreans that you can’t stop thinking about when you are hungry at night.


Chicken is the best night munchies. Before the delivery culture developed, chicken was the best menu for the late-night munchies. The reason why chicken was beloved for the long time is because as the chicken restaurants rises, there were increase in the menu. But, for the late-night munchies mania who love chicken, the biggest concern is weight. The fried chicken has high calorie that it is an enemy for the dieter. If you enjoy chicken and beer, it makes you regret because of the puffed face.

The oven roasted chicken brand Goobne chicken started a ‘chicken revolution’ with unique menu that separate them from the previous chicken. Unlike fried chicken fried in oil, they showed up the oven roasted chicken. Also, they destroyed the presumption of oven roasted chicken are not crispy. Its crispy outside and juicy inside taste makes you want it more after you try once. They introduce unique menu such as ‘Pepper crisp chicken’, that has spicy taste of the Cheong Yang pepper, and ‘Goobne Cheat King Set’ that added different seasoning on top of the ‘Goobne Original’.


There is a reason why that the ramen is being loved for 60 years since its released in 1963. It satisfied the Korean’s preference of enjoying spicy and salty food. Since it is easily cooked by anyone within five minutes with a cheap price, we tend to eat it often. You just need to pour hot water with the ramen seasoning. Also, there is an increasing types of cup noodles, there is a burgeoned choice.

Since the ramen has been beloved for very long time, there has been more method in how to eat ramen. You can enjoy it richer by adding egg, rice cake and dumpling. Also, it is great to add a bowl of rice in the broth as eating method after finishing the noodle. On top of this, you can’t miss out Korean’s soul food, Kimchi.

Tteok Bokki

Tteok Bokki is a perfect menu for Koreans who enjoy the spicy menu. Tteokbokki made with rice cake in sweet and spicy sauce is also good to eat with various foods, so you can eat it without getting tired of it. Not only vegetables, rice cakes, but also a variety of toppings such as eggs, cheese, and glass noodles were released.

Sweet and salty, "sweet" Tteokbokki is popular, but recently, spicy Tteokbokki, which squeezes tears and runny nose, is also popular. Dongdaemun Yeopgi Tteokbokki, which is popular for its addictive spicy flavor, created numerous "yupdduk manias" and consisted of five levels of spiciness that people who couldn't eat spicy food well could enjoy. There are various side menus such as rice balls, steamed eggs and fried foods. (Photo Credit: Goobne Chicken, Samyang Foods and Dongdaemun Yupgi Tteokbokki)


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