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What kind of alcohol will you enjoy with your lover?

2020-03-18 08:34:07
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[by park lee seul] People dream of the happy dates with their lovers on weekends. They usually get rid of their stress accumulated on the weekdays and make the casual talk and share emotions. In addition, for the completion of the romantic mood, not only the place but also the alcohol and food are very essential. So, I would like to recommend you the food and alcohol which would keep you from fatigue from daily life in Hong Kong.

Steak and wine

The steak is considered to be made with the beef rather than pork or fish. In addition, the degree of cook can be selected. It is one of the best cook as, if once put in your mouth, its juicy smell spread over all your mouth. Though it was usually sold in prestigious restaurant, now it has been more available in more popular restaurants. So, you can enjoy it at a reasonable price.

The beverage which is good with steak is the wine. The raw material of wine is grape and the wine is usually classified into sparkling, white, red and dessert wine. Depending on your taste, you can select one. You can also get rid of the oiliness in the steak if you drink the wine along with it.

Fruits and cocktail

If you want simple side dishes, the fruits are recommended. The fruits are rich in good nutrients and are also characterized by the sufficient juice. As the fruit has good taste and flavor, it is also enjoyed as the simple after-meal dessert. The fruit tree is classified into many kinds depending on its cultivation area.

The cocktail is one of the beautiful arts made of alcohols. Instead of drinking the alcohol as it is, it is mixed with other alcohol or drinks depending on the personal liking. So, it varies in color or flavor depending on the alcohol or other drinks which are mixed with it. In addition, as it can be a good artful work depending how you make it, it is good to make the romantic mood. How about you enjoying a happy night with your lover while simply drinking cocktail with fruits?

Chicken and beer

We shall not miss the chicken as it is one of the foods which are enjoyed by all people around the world. The chick is usually fried in the boiling oil. If you want to enjoy it in a less oily way, we recommend you to try the grilled chicken. You can enjoy the Korea’s unique grilled chicken brand “Goobne Chicken” in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

As here you can even enjoy the beautiful night view, here is the best date course for you. On top of that, you can also enjoy the menu “Gochu Basasak” as it has the light pepper taste for you.

In addition, the alcohol which is good for the chicken is the beer. The beer is characterized by the sparkling refreshment and has the barley as its raw materials. It is the oldest alcohol in the world and the most popularized one. Though it has lower alcohol contents than other kinds of alcohols, it is a little bitter from the hop and helps people to have good urination.

If you are not sure what kinds of alcohol and food you would drink and have on the weekend night date with your lover, why don’t you visit Goobne Chicken Store in Tsim Sha Tsui and enjoy the night view and beer? (Source of photo: Hong Kong Tourism Board, Goobne)


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