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Where is the filming location in the movie?

2020-04-02 12:03:09
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[by park lee seul] A sweet rest after exhausting weekday's work. People enjoy their own hobbies, exercise lightly, or date. Watching a movie while lying in a room is one of the best ways to enjoy the weekend. Seeing a beautiful background in a movie, you can’t help thinking, "I want to go to that place." So, let’s find out where the beautiful attractions in the movie are?

The movie 'Lala Land'

Lala Land is a romance film released in 2016. The love story between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling is portrayed with musical element. In particular, this movie drew attention for its beautiful tone of colors. Overall, the subtle purple background made the dancing couple look more lovely.

The film was shot in LA, U.S. The scene where two characters took a walk on Colorado Street Bridge and the scene where they confirmed their passionate love at Griffith Park & Observatory are considered best scenes. If those scenes in La Land still linger in your mind, you may check them out in LA, U.S.

The movie 'Secret'

Secret, a Taiwanese film released in 2008. The thrill of first love in the movie made many girls’ hearts flutter. The movie, which featured time-slip and sweet piano music, was filmed in Tamsui.

The main filming locations are Hong Mao Cheng and Zhenli University. Featured as a school in a movie, these places boast exotic exterior and interior. In particular, this movie fascinated viewers with its piano battle scene, which is still considered the best scenes.

The movie 'Chungking Express'

Chungking Express, a film released in 1995, presents viewers with the unique feel of Hong Kong streets. It unravels the love story with dramatic elements. Also, Director Wang Wong Kar-Wai's shaky angle made the film more attractive.

The film was shot in Lan Kwai Fong and showed Hong Kong's unique night view. In particular, you can see the Chungking Mansion, the background of the movie. You can also feel the atmosphere of the streets crowded with people near Tsim Sha Tsui.

But there is something that you can’t miss during the trip. That's a good restaurant. If you want to eat delicious food around after seeing the filming locations of Chungking Express, here’s my recommendation.

I recommend Korea’s representative brand Goobne Chicken, which boasts the balance of crispy skin and moist flesh. Goobne Chicken has a branch in Tsim Sha Tsui and is located at an excellent place to access. In addition, you can enjoy the beautiful night view here, making it a good dating spot. Also, one of its menu 'Pepper Crispy' has a mild pepper flavor that is not spicy for everyone to enjoy.

Why don't you add enjoyment to your day with delicious food with the atmosphere you felt in the movie? (Photo Source: Naver Movies, Goobne Chicken)


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