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Sat Jun 06

‘Lyricist’ Max Chang-min shines in his first solo album... Colorful ♬ sensibility

2020-04-09 18:03:05
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[by Ent team] Max Chang-min showed off his ability as a lyricist in his first solo album.
“TVXQ’s Max Chang-min added more meaning to his first solo album by writing lyrics of 2 songs” SM Entertainment reported on Monday.

Choi's first mini album, ‘Chocolate’ will be released on the 6th, and consists of a total of 6 songs, including the title track ‘Chocolate’ he wrote and ‘No Tomorrow’.

In particular, the folk-rock genre track ‘No Tomorrow’ is a song that sends a message of hope for carrying on and enjoying the journey of life even in difficult situations.

He received reviews that he expressed colorful musical sensibilities and identities in lyrics from the lyrical ‘No Tomorrow’ to the homme fatale charm title track ‘Chocolate’.

Until now, Max Chang-min has been recognized for his musical ability by writing a number of songs, including TVXQ's ‘I Swear’, ‘Rise…’, SHINee’s ‘Can't Leave’, Taemin’s ‘Ace’ and KyuHyun’s ‘My Thoughts, Your Memories’, etc. as well as solo tracks ‘The Journey’ and ‘Confession’.

(Photo courtesy of SM Entertainment)

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