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Sat Jun 06

Will they be opening in this summer? ‘Tran To Busan’s’ sequence, ‘Peninsula’ emphasizes summer release with its preview

2020-04-17 17:33:52
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[by Ent Team] The first preview of ‘Peninsula’ has been released.

The best anticipated production of this summer awaited by the world, movie ‘peninsula’ (director Yeon Sang Ho) have released the first preview.

‘Peninsula’ is an action blockbuster movie that portrays the final battle of the people who are left behind in the deserted land after 4 years of ‘Train to Busan’.

If the ‘Train to Busan’ presented an excitement to survive in the limited space of train, ‘Peninsula’ is going to provide another level of speedy action based on the wide destroyed city.

The first preview starts with the image of the destroyed ‘peninsula’, 4 years after the unknown disaster. The deserted port with an empty container ship and the empty street filled with rustic cars, closed subway station with hundreds of zombies. It is no longer the city that once we knew that was filled with people.

Jung Seok (Kang Dong Won), who came back to the ‘peninsula’ after 4 years, encounters survivors who became a wild dog with Min Jung (Lee Jung Hyeon). They fight through zombie with faster reaction time to sound and light and barbarian with inhumane character; especially, the colorful action in the city with no trace of human and the car racing gives both spectacle and suspense it brings out the anticipation toward the movie to the max.

‘Peninsula’ is releasing in Korea and other major countries throughout the world at the same time.

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