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Sat Jun 06

The Garden of Words, Become the Garden of Reality...the present stained with green forgetfulness.

2020-04-24 09:26:33
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[by Ent Team] Director Makoto Shinkai presents a refreshing visual with the ‘Garden of Language.’

Genius animation director Shinkai Makoto, dubbed ‘The Wizard of Light,’ will show the essence of visual beauty through the movie ‘The Garden of Language (director Shinkai Makoto)’ which will be released on the 22nd.

‘The Garden of Language’ is a special story that Takao, a high school student who dreams of becoming a shoe designer, happens to run into a woman named Yukino in the garden one day when it rains.

If the previous film ‘5cm per second’ showed the visual beauty of various seasons, ‘The Garden of Words’ shows off the visual beauty of the recording summer. It’s a short running time of 46 minutes, but it not only shows another form of beauty through green light, but also adds lyrical theme songs to leave a long aftertaste. Also, the story of affectionate feelings between a high school student dreaming of becoming a shoe designer and a teacher accidentally encountered is drawn on the screen with delicate writing as if looking at a picture, giving the audience a sense of gloom.

The ‘Garden of Language,’ which will face such a season when the world turns green, is expected to be a garden of reality that will break away from the reality marred by illness and make you feel healed for a while.

Lotte Cinema will be released exclusively on Tuesday.

(Photo courtesy of Pop Entertainment)


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