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Sung Hoon with infinite charm, what food does he love?

2020-04-29 12:55:46
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[by Lim Jaeho] MBC's "I Live Alone," which is now one of the most popular entertainment programs in Korea. It has been loved steadily for years and has become the center of attention for each guest who appears. There is an actor who plays the role of licorice here. It's Sung Hoon. As soon as he appeared on the show, Sung-hoon is loved by viewers for his easy-going and really plain appearance, unlike his sculptural good-looking appearance.

Sung Hoon debuted in 2011 with the South Korean SBS drama “Shin Ki-saeng”. He has continued his acting career since then, and has garnered great love from overseas fans with the drama "Attempting Romance" in 2017. He has been active not only in MBC's "I Live Alone," but also in various entertainment programs such as SBS' "Law of the Jungle" and JTBC's "When You Get Together," as well.

Sung-hoon's charm is that he is good at his main job, but he is easy-going and unassuming in entertainment shows. The sight of him eating delicious food in "I Live Alone" made headlines. Not only did he enjoy eating ramen at a cartoon cafe, but he was also very shy and funny eating cereal.

But isn't Sung Hoon's real charm an unexpected charm? The great photo shoot in Singapore was simply a sculpture. Unlike his playful appearance on entertainment shows, his usual professional appearance is his charm.

If you're so into Sung Hoon, who is so versatile and shows off various charms, why don't you try something that became a hot topic because he ate it?

Black Bean Noodles

It's Korean jajang ramen that Sung Hoon ate at a comic book store when he appeared in "I Live Alone." It's easy to get it because it's a popular ramen in Korea, but it became a big topic because Sung Hoon ate it so deliciously. Nowadays, it is also popular in Korea to mix spicy stir-fried ramen and eat it deliciously. It's easy to get and cheap, so if you're curious about the taste, let's try it.

Goobne chicken

It is a chicken brand that Sung Hoon is working as a model in Korea. Chicken is one of Koreans' favorite foods and is very popular in Korea. It is differentiated from other fried chicken in that it is grilled chicken. Gubne Chicken is also available in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. You can enjoy the night view of Hong Kong, so it's a great place to visit with your family as well as a dating course.

Recommended menus are Goobne's original and pepper crisp. The original is plain when baked and eaten a lot, but it doesn't bite. A bite adds flavor to the savory juices. It's an addictive taste that you keep eating because it's not too much.

Chili pepper crisp is a chicken with a savory pepper embedded in it to add flavor. If you like slightly spicy chicken, I recommend Goobne's pepper crunch. It goes well with beer and the savory flavor will continue to whet your appetite. If you are curious about the taste of grilled chicken in Korea, visit Tsim Sha Tsui store in Hong Kong. (Photo Source: Sung Hoon Instagram, Nongshim's official website, Goobne Chicken's official website)


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