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Sat Jun 06

‘The Call of Wild’… Much needed movie during COVID-19 days

2020-04-29 17:13:40
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[by Ent Team] Release date of ‘The Call of Wild’ has been confirmed. May 14th.

The movie ‘The Call of Wild’ which has put Jack London's best-selling book ‘The Call of Wild’ one of the century’s most famous works, on the screen, is drawing attention as it has confirmed its release on May 14.

Based on the best-selling book, ‘The Call of Wildness’ starring Hollywood actor Harrison Ford, is a touching adventure that tells the story of a dog, ‘Buck’ raised in a wealthy California family, being sold to Alaska, experiencing a world of survival of the fittest and seeking true courage, friendship and the nature of wildness.

It has drawn people’s attention start from the beginning by moving the Jack London’s bestseller of the century ‘The Call Of The Wild’ in to the movie.

‘The Call of Wild’ is a masterpiece published in a total of 47 languages since its first publication in 1903. Michael Green, the screenwriter and general producer, said, “The Call of Wild is a masterpiece of the century for a good reason. It resonates with people in many ways” He showed deep trust to the original book with solid and emotional story.

Director Chris Sanders said, “Buck is a character who finds his true place by moving forward rather than falling down whenever a difficult situation faces him” and added, “It’s a story of a character who finds his strength that he didn't even know”

The story of ‘Buck’ who finds courage through constant challenges, will give us a positive message and energy, who are suffering from the COVID-19.

It is releasing on May 14.

(Photo credit: Walt Disney Company Korea)


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