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Sat Jun 06

Colorful Night invited by Chung Ha! Pre-release single #1 “Stay Tonight” M/V teaser ver.2

2020-04-29 17:30:14
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[by Ent Team] Singer Chung Ha increased anticipation toward the new song with her perfect performance.

Chung Ha released her first official album PRE-RELEASE SINGLE #1 (Stay Tonight)’s 2nd music video teaser through official social media and YouTube channel on the 24th midnight.
Chung Ha overwhelmed the attention with her colorful movement, like blossoming flower, through her first teaser video, which was released day before. On the second teaser, she draws attention with her beautifully blossomed, attractive performance.

The teaser video starts with the group choreography of Chung Ha and the dancers who shows off the stage with perfect team work and finishes with Chung Ha’s colorful solo dancing that you can’t get yours eyes off. 

Especially, the intense synthesizer sound of ‘Stay Tonight’ which adds layers with Chung Ha’s unique vibe, further heightening fans anticipation.

With two teaser videos of ‘STAY Tonight’ music video released, an additional teaser still cut will be released at noon on the same day through its official social media channel.

Chung Ha’s first full-length album pre-released single #1 ‘Stay Tonight’ will be released on the music site before 6 p.m. on the 27th.

(Photo credit: MNH Entertainment)


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