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Wed Jan 27

What will be a good food to eat when dating with a lover?

2020-05-06 10:23:59
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[by Lim Jaeho] Many people agonize about what kind of food to eat when dating with their lovers. This food was eaten last time and one of them doesn't like it. What will be a good food to eat when dating with a lover? It's an unsolved worry. Today, I recommend what kind of food to eat on a date with a lover.


Wouldn't it be steak when hoping to create a comfortable atmosphere with your lover? Steak can be adjusted to the degree of cooking depending on taste and the meat quality is also soft. It also goes well with liquors including wine. Usually, as restaurants that sell steak have a good atmosphere as well, if it is the day you want to create an atmosphere with your lover, I recommend steak.


Wouldn't pasta be the best food to enjoy neatly without being divided between likes and dislikes? Pasta is not only good to eat neatly, but also has a wide range of choices according to preference, such as tomatoes, cream, and rose. You can be just choosing according to self-preference. In addition, as there are various kinds of noodles, it is a good food to eat because you can choose noodles matched with your favorite texture.

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