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Sat Nov 28

What are the delicious desserts which represent each country in the world?

2020-05-15 08:43:55
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[by Lim Jaeho] It is said that the stomach for main dish is one thing and that for dessert is another. As such, the dessert is really fantastic if it is eaten after the main dish. There are various kinds of tastes in the desserts such as dessert which is soft in taste, or the dessert who is sweet. You may try to enjoy the dessert once you finish your main dish. What are the desserts which represent the countries around the world?

Italy’s Gelato

What comes up fast on our minds as far as Italy is concerned may be the pizza and pasta. However, the food which is as famous as those in Italy may be the Italian dessert or Gelato Ice cream. Italy’s Gelato Ice Cream is famous for the taste of rice which gets the sweet taste, the taste of sweet and aromatic pistachio, and the taste of densely sweet chocolate so that people can easily select one which is suitable for them. In addition, the Gelato is the ice cream which is favored by most people so that it can be generally enjoyed bf by people, whether old or young, male or female. If you go to Italy, why don’t you try the Gelato ice cream?

France’s Macaroon

France is famous for not only the delicious foods but also for confectionery and bakery. There are a lot of cakes and cookies which, as soon as they are put into our mouths, they softly are melted away, thus giving us fantastic taste. Among them, there is a dessert which you should try when you visit France. This is just the macaroon. It is the French cookie which is made by putting the jam, ganache and butter cream between small and round shaped meringue crusts. As it is sweet and small but not so greasy, you can easily eat it. It is one of the desserts which are popular these days so that you can meet it any place. But, as it is the French cookie, be sure to try it in France when you visit there.

Hong Kong’s eggtart

There are several foods which you should try in Hong Kong. They include dim sum, wonton noodles, rice noodle and huoguo. If you are a gourmet, you should visit Hong Kong. Then, what are the desserts there? There are various kinds of desserts such as milk tea, egg waffle, Hong Kong style French toast and others. Among them, the first thing is the eggtart. It is so famous that there are always lines of people standing in front of the eggtart store to try that at every famous bakery in Hong Kong. As the Hong Kong eggtart uses the dough, it is the wet textured cookie that everyone can easily try it. If you visit Hong Kong, do not forget to try the eggtart.

But, what would you take if you are hungry before having a dessert?

The first thing you should do is to fill your stomach before any delicious dessert. Before you try Hong Kong eggtart, first try Goobne chicken. Tsim Sha Tsui Goobne Chicken shop has good mood and beautiful night view. So, it is proper for the family outing or the dates. Its roasted chicken has unique taste. The Original has a lot of meat juice which comes out once bitten while the Gochu Basasak has the attractive spicy taste. You can try the representative menus of the shop there. If you want to fill your stomach before trying the dessert, do not forget to visit the Goobne Chicken shop located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. (Source of photos: obtained from official websites of JTBC, SBS, MBC, and Goobne Chicken)


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