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‘Intruder’, Confirmed the release date...May 21st, as the spread of Corona 19 calmed down

2020-05-15 14:48:09
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[by Ent team] ‘Intruder’ releases on 21, May.

The movie, ‘Intruder’ (director, Son Won Pyeong), which drew attention as the chilling acting transformation of Song Ji Hyo and Kim Moo Yeol and the birth of a powerful mystery thriller, was reported to be confirmed its release on 21, May.

‘Intruder’ is a mystery thriller where the family changes little by little after her missing younger brother, ‘Yujin’ returns home after 25 years, and her elder brother ‘Seojin’ who considered it strange, and encounters the shocking truth by  chasing his brother's secret.

‘Intruders’ captured the prospective audience by noticing Song Ji hyo's intense acting transformation and the life performance of thriller master, Kim Moo Yeol, drew curiosity with the setting of ‘The Missing Brother is Back After 25 Years’ and the suspense of the strange things that happen to her family after her brother's return.

Director, Son Won-pyeong, also well-known as the author of the 250,000-volume best-selling novel, ‘Almond’ made his feature film debut through Intruder ‘Intruder’.

Meanwhile, the movie ‘Intruders’ was scheduled to be released on 12, March, but it has been postponed temporarily due to the spread of Corona 19.

(Photo Source: B.A. Entertainment)


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