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Wed Jan 27

Oh Ha-young is singing the first OST of ‘Soulless Master’The first drama OST since our debut!

2020-05-15 15:00:44
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[by Ent team] Oh Ha-young will be the first runner of the OST for ‘Soulless Master’ and give a warm comfort healing song to drama fans.

It is reported that KBS2's Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Soulless Master’ OST Part.1 ‘Im Fine’ will be released on various music sites today (7th) at noon (12 p.m.).

‘Im Fine’ is an acoustic rock ballad genre that draws attention as a main theme song that comforts the two main characters, Shin Ha-kyun and Jung So-min, who have indescribable pain with delicate emotions.

Apink’s youngest member Oh Ha-young, who made a spectacular solo debut eight years after her debut with ‘Don't Make Me Laugh’ last year, is said to be participating in her first drama OST since her debut.

Realistic, delicate and lyrical lyrics that anyone can relate to will blend in with the story of a drama that cares for and heals each other's wounds.

(Photo courtesy of PlayM Entertainment, KBS2's ‘Soulless’)


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