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Wed Jan 27

It’s not the Korean movie ‘The Color’...Seung Ri Ho, look forward to the launch trailer!

2020-05-15 15:24:09
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[by Ent team] A preview of the launch of ‘Seungriho’ has been released.

The movie ‘Seung Ri-ho (director Cho Seong-hee)’ which was expected to be directed by Cho Sung-hee's space SF film, is drawing much attention as it first released a trailer for its launch after a long wait.

Song Joong-ki, Kim Tae-ri, Jin Sun-kyu and Yoo Hae-jin. Except for interesting casting information of the crew aboard the ship, the unknown ‘Seungri’ unveiled its launching trailer for the first time, revealing the performance of the ship's wide-spread space.

In 2092, ‘Seungriho’ depicts the story of crew members of the space junk cleaner Seung-ri jumping into a dangerous deal after discovering a human robot called "Dorothy," known as weapons of mass destruction.

The launching trailer opens in the form of ‘satellite orbits’ a new home for mankind that is swimming on Earth, in an open space. Launching a Korean character into space, which was considered Hollywood's exclusive possession, "Seungriho" is enough to invite an audience into the middle of the new world.

In 2092, the universe is filled with dangerous trash, such as discarded satellites and drifting spacecraft, and the Seungri travels through space in search of money-making garbage, competing with cleaners from other countries. Seung-ri's downhill and action, which speedily bypasses other spacecraft, come even more interesting through the transformation of a sailor aboard the spacecraft.

Song Joong-ki, who plays the role of pilot Tae-ho, who returns to the screen after three years, raises questions by wearing socks with holes without shoes, unlike his relaxed smile that shows his unique coolness.

Seung-ho’s young leader, Kim Tae-ri, who plays ‘Captain Jang’ heralds another acting transformation with her all-white bobbed hair, sunglasses and majestic appearance aiming at a laser gun.

Jin Sun-kyu, who plays the role of ‘Tiger Park’ an engineer who has won the audience’s favor in a short period of time, ranging from threatening villains to humane comedians through the films ‘Criminal City’ ‘Extreme Job’ and ‘Sabaha’ draws attention with tattoos covering reggae heads and all over his body.

The harpoon-hunting robot ‘Updong’ is completed with Yoo Hae-jin’s motion-capture acting, which is the key to the quick harpooning skills for the first cleaning ship to take up the trash.
A summer release goal.

(Photo courtesy of Merry Christmas)


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