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Sat Nov 28

What are the world famous towers?

2020-05-21 12:39:31
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[by Lim Jaeho] What is the most favorite area for travelers? That may be a building or landmark which can represent the area in the world. The landmark which often symbolizes the area may be the highest towers. These landmarks may include the recently constructed buildings or old towers which were built long years ago and which is showing the tradition of that area.
Landmark is a place which symbolizes the country, or a place where all people want to take a photo in front of them or to which everyone wants to travel. Then, how about the towers which are the landmarks representing and symbolizing the place?

Jamsil Lotte World Tower – Seoul, Korea

Jamsil Lotte Tower which was completed in Dec. 2016 is the 5th highest building in the world. It has Lake Seokchon nearby. So, if you take a walk around the lake in the evening, you can see this fantastic world tower. 123-storied Lotte World Tower has the observatory on the floors ranging from 117th floor to 123rd floor, from which you can overlook Seoul at one view. As it houses many interesting places such as hotel, theater, and shopping center and it is easy for people to visit, it became a famous attraction even for foreigners as well as Korean. If you have a chance of visiting Korea, do not forget to visit Jamsil Lotter World Tower, which is one of the landmarks in Korea.

Eiffel Tower – Paris, France

If we talk about Paris, France, what comes out to our mind is Eiffel Tower, which is the landmark of that place. It is 320m high steel tower and everyone’s favorite. Like that there is a saying “1 Eiffel tower for 1 day”, it is imperative to visit there if you go to Paris and see it at least once a day. As it has good lighting in the night, you can get the beautiful view. It is also good to watch Eiffel Tower from the lawn in a distance during the daytime.

Hong Kong – Sky 100 Laboratory

On 100th floor of ICC (the International Commerce Centre) which is the highest building in Hong Kong, there is SKY 100 Hong Kong Observatory, which is the highest in Hong Kong, where you can view Victoria Harbor and the city in 360º. It is also possible to enjoy the beautiful Hong Kong more if you make use of latest AR or VR equipment at the Observatory. If you want to overlook the beautiful Hong Kong, it is just the place you should visit.

SKY 100 Observatory is not the only place you should visit when you travel to Hong Kong.  You should also visit Goobne Chicken restaurant, in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.  As the Goobne Chicken in Tsim Sha Tsui, which is Korea’s tasty roast chicken brand, provides people with good view and tasty chicken, it is the best place with getting together with family members or for a date. The Original which is the most loved menu in the Goobne Chicken restaurant is famous for attractive meat juice which comes out if bitten. If you like the spicy food, we recommend you Goobne Chicken’s Gochu Basasak. Let’s enjoy the Goobne chicken and the night view at the Goobne Chicken restaurant located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. (Source of photo: official websites of Lotte World Tower, ATOUT France, Hong Kong Tourism Board and Goobne Chicken)


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