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Fri Sep 18

[bnt Photo] Woo!ah! Woo Yeon ‘This district’s pure beauty’

2020-05-22 16:00:07
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[By Kim hye jin] The showcase for the Woo!ah!’s debut album ‘EXCLAMATION’ was held at Spigen Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 13th.

Woo!ah! Woo Yeon is presenting the stage for the song ‘Payday’.

Its title track ‘Woo!ah!’ is a hybrid dance pop that combines analog synthesizer and digital on a charismatic track led by the DISTORTION88 base, featuring the members relentless rap and vocals, but the colorful charm of TRAP HIPPOP and EDM, which show unexpected fresh side in the chorus, is highlighted.


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