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Sun Jul 12

Ryu Abel, ‘Independent film industry ★’, got a praise from director for her concentration on ‘French woman’ as a role of a sensitive and unstable actress

2020-05-29 15:35:13
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[by Ent Team] Ryu Abel presents a new figure in ‘French Woman’.

It has become the subject that Ryu Abel starred in new film of director, Kim Hee Jung, ‘French Woman’.

‘French Woman’ is the story of Mira, who left for Paris, France with dream of becoming an actress 20 years ago, returning to Seoul, and reuniting with her old friends, then making a special trip across the past and present, where dreams and reality is intersecting.

Ryu Abel imprinted a strong presence toward the public through the role of ‘Jisoo’, a girl-crush-alive character in the independent film, ‘Love Story’, which drew attention in 2016.

Since then, Ryu Abel, who has shown a different figure as ‘She’ with an unknown charm in the independent film, ‘Sam’, which was released in 2018, has been much loved by film fans for her wide acting spectrum and attractive masks, appearing in dozens of independent films.

She, who has extended her scope of movement and exude a variety of charms to dramas, ‘My Mister’, ‘Memories of the Alhambra’ and ‘Melo is constitution’, is changing again through ‘French Woman’.

Ryu Abel, who received a highly praise from director, Kim Hee Jeong as an ‘an actor with excellent animal-like concentration’, expresses the inner side of a keen, beautiful and unstable character with three-dimensional acting, playing the role of ‘Hae Ran’, a junior who dreamed of becoming an actress at the Performing Arts Academy with ‘Mira’, Kim Ho Jeong, 20 years ago in ‘French Woman’. The expectations of the audience are already raising.

Released on June 4 (Photo Credit: Lotte Entertainment)


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