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Fri Sep 18

What kind of hot food on SNS these days?

2020-06-04 13:42:09
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[by Lim Jaeho] Where can I find trendy or popular food these days? You can find it through SNS right away. influencers, who are active on SNS, sometimes eat and share delicious food or introduce to their followers through "Mukbang" themselves. What kind of are some of the trendiest foods you must try to follow the latest trends?


Maratang is a sensational food nowadays, a food that you eat with vegetables, meat, noodles, and dumplings what you want to put in a spicy soup. The spicy soup and taste are excellent, and there is an advantage that you can eat it as much as you want by adding the ingredients you want. It is becoming more and more popular as Many SNS stars who show 'Mukbang'  by eating Maratang.

Dalgona coffee

Isn't it maybe one of the most popular foods these days? It is the most popular Dalgona coffee these days by putting sugar in regular instant coffee and stir it constantly to make bubbles. It is gaining sensational popularity by Jeong Il Woo after introducing it on "Fun Restaurant", Korea's popular entertainment show. And it has become a popular dessert that many people must follow to drink. Recently, the term, "must-drink-coffee-at-home", has been gained while enjoying the "home-stuck-life" that one has to stay at home.


What cannot be ruled out of the "Mukbang" is definitely chicken? It is the menu that is loved by all ages and sexes. When searching for chicken on SNS, it is possible to see pictures and Mukbang of numerous and various kinds of chicken. Chicken, which is loved by so many people as much, can be found on various menus as well. Among them, let's meet Goobne Chicken, which is loved for its roasted chicken. Goobne Chicken is showing off various chicken menus with grilled menus. For those who like the basic and fresh taste, we recommend the original Goobne Chicken. The original menu is a basic menu of Goobne Chicken, having a juicy taste that pop up in case of one bite. As you can eat a lot without being sick of it, I strongly recommend it to people who like plain taste. If you prefer a spicier taste, I recommend chili Basasak chicken. It is a chicken that catches the greasy taste due to odor and taste of chili peppers and continuously stimulates the appetite. If you want to meet such a delicious Goobne Chicken, let's visit the Goobne Chicken branch located in Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong. Goobne Chicken branch located at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong,  offers a delicious Goobne Chicken, as well as a nice night view and chicken. Don't forget to visit a branch of Tsim Sha Tsui where you can enjoy the night view with your family or with your lover. (Photo Source: Lahuokungfu, Ediya Coffee, and Goobne Chicken Official Website)


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