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Sun Jul 12

Starring Lee Dong Hwi, ‘Kukdo Theater’, is going after both online-offline at the same time…D-1 until its release

2020-06-05 16:11:32
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[by Ent Team] ‘Kukdo Theater’ is simultaneously opening in theater and online on the 29th.

The Movie ‘The Kukdo Theater (Director Jeon Ji Hee)’ has confirmed its release date on the 29th. It is the debut film of director Jeon Ji Hee, who majored in production for the third stage of Myung Films Lab, and the fifth film of Myung Films Lab.

‘Kukdo Theater’ is a story about Gi Tae (Lee Dong Hwi), a young man who is lonely and having a hard time living, journey back to his hometown and receiving unexpected warm consolation.

It swept the Jeonju Cinema Project Award, TV 5MONDE Award, JJFC Award, and Furmo DT Award at the Jeonju International Film Festival's ‘Jeonju Project Market’ making it a hot topic even before its release.

Especially, the movie will be released in two versions, including the director’s version. The director’s version will soon be released online.

Kukdo Theater will be screened at the Daehan Theater, Seoul Theater, Film Hall, and Myung Films Art Center, and VOD will be available on digital cable TV platforms such as Olleh TV, Seezn (Olle TV Mobile), Btv, Btv Plus, U+Tv, U+ Mobile TV, LG Hello Vision, Dlive, Hyundai HCN, and Btv Cable.

(Photo by Myung Film Lab)


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