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Fri Sep 18

In summer season, what is a healthy health food that helps aid healthy?

2020-06-12 14:11:56
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[by Lim Jaeho] Now, there are days left to be hotter only. When the weather is getting hot, the appetite disappears, and it is easy to lose strength. If you don't eat well, you may lose more strength  and it will be harder to overcome the hot summer. The hotter it is, the better to eat well and pay attention to  make up for stamina. If then, what kinds of food in the world that are good to eat in summer? Today, let's check out the various health foods in the world and what to eat and how to make up for  health in the hot summer.

Korean Samgye-tang

It is a food that is eaten by boiling ginseng in chicken for health in summer, a Korean traditional healthy food with a long history. It is a food that is eaten by putting sticky rice, jujube and garlic wrapped in a clean cloth inside the stomach of a chicken that has been gutted, pouring water, and boiling it in a tradition iron pot or pot, which is a health food that is brewed good ingredient from ginseng and then eaten with soup. Since it is a food with hot soup, you may feel hot to eat in the summer, but it is good for health due to consisting of nutritious ingredients. If you want to make up for health during the summer, let's enjoy Samgye-tang of Korea.

Chinese Yikgeebohyul-tang

Chinese Yikgeebohyul-tang is a traditional Chinese health food made of pork backbone, sugar ginseng, jujube, dried longan and Chinese matrimony vine. It is characterized by boiling in a large fire pot, then seasoning it and moving back to a small pot then boiling it again. Yikgeebohyul-tang is a health food that Chinese people have enjoyed from old times since  it makes flow and boost energy. Because it is a traditional Chinese health food, it requires a lot of time and effort.

British Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd's pie is a food that chop lamb and vegetables and top with mashed potatoes then bake in an oven and enjoyed as a health food. In the East, there are many healthy foods that  soup is the main, while in the West, pies are health foods as such. Shepherd's pie, which started in northern England and Scotland, was named because that shepherds enjoyed frequently in the past. The shepherd's pie was also spread to the United States, where Americans ate it with beef instead of lamb. When beef is inserted, it is called a cottage pie.

Goobne Chicken

There are various kinds of health food, but what if  enjoy more simply and neatly, I recommend goobne Chicken right away. As goobne chicken store, located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, has a beautiful night view and a nice atmosphere as well, it is very good as not only date course but also visit with family. Most of all, the most important thing is that chicken is delicious, too. As original menu of goobne chicken is fresh and not greasy, its clean taste is excellent. Red pepper Basasak is recommended for spicy maniacs who like spicy taste. Because is not greasy added with the spicy pepper scent, it is possible to enjoy it deliciously. It is also good for helping your appetite and making up for health in the hot summer because it is made of chicken. Let's visit the Tsim Sha Tsui branch of goobne chicken.  (Photo source: Official homepage of the Korea Tourism Organization, Baidu, Official homepage of the British Tourism Board, Official homepage of Goobne Chicken)


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