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Fri Sep 18

What is the chicken that Seong Hoon, the trend of these days, loves?

2020-06-22 12:46:29
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[by Lim Jaeho] There is a popular actor who shows off not only an excellent acting ability also much sloppy sense of entertainment. It's Seong Hoon, showing various charms as an actor through the web drama, "I picked up a celebrity on the street", and the drama "Level Up".

Not only muscular body but also sculpture-like good looks, and his sloppy personality adding to unexpected charm, he can't help liking him. What made him the trend is his appearance,  charming sense of entertainment, but most of all, his "Mukbang".

Seong Hoon, who eats really well and deliciously enough like athletes. What kinds of food that he loves are existing?

Ganjajang Mukbang of Seong Hoon who eats anything  a lot and deliciously.

Seong Hoon, who made headlines of the scene  for eating  Ganjajang deliciously. Watching him to mix the leftover jajang sauce with rice and eat deliciously, viewers gave unstinted praise for him, saying, "He know how to eat". Isn't the secret of his "Mukbang", which doesn't look too heavy even though much eating, and eats well looks like be happy, to be loved by viewers.

'Mukbang' Battle shown with Hwasa of Mamamoo

Hwasa of MAMAMOO, a girl group famous for eating well, with Seung Hoon. He showed well-eating scene on  'I Live Alone' of MBC with her. It was literally a "chemistry explosion". The encounter between Hwasa, who caused the tripe crisis, and Seong Hoon, who caused Jajangmyeon crisis. All the viewers watching entertainment programs should be drooling. Isn't it one of the secrets that made him popular, not only eating well but also keeping in step with other people?
Seong Hoon, who has such a charming personality and is good at acting and eating deliciously, what is the chicken brand that he loves?

Goobne chicken, the chicken that Seong Hoon loves

The chicken that Seong Hoon loves is Goobne Chicken. Seong Hoon, who made headlines for his cheerful charm and mukbang on various entertainment programs, was selected as a model for Goobne Chicken. When seeing him that enjoys Goobne chicken in the advertisement, viewers  really want to order it by themselves. What kind of charm are the Goobne chicken he loves?

Plain original and hot pepper Basasak

If you want to enjoy the goobne chicken that Seong Hoon also loved, why don't you visit Tsim Sha Tsui branch in Hong Kong. The taste of goobne chicken where enjoys the night view at branch of Tsim Sha Tsui, will be fantastic literally. Tsim Sha Tsui branch of goobne chicken, which is right place for a family visit or a date course with a lover. The plain original where can enjoy here is a chicken that has a plain and savory juices, and the hot pepper flavor catches the greasy with taste of the spicy pepper. If you want to meet goobne chicken that Seong Hoon loves, visit Tsim Sha Tsui branch of goobne chicken. (Photo Source: Naver TV 5minstealer official website of , YouTube 5minstealer official channel, Official YouTube of goobne chicken,  Official website of goobne chicken)


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