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Sun Jul 12

‘Mr. Trot’ Kang Tae-kwan tells the story of life and music in ‘Imagine My Life, the song of the book’

2020-06-26 09:31:41
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[by Ent Team] Trot singer Kang Tae-kwan makes an appearance on the book talk show of global media group TRA Media, "Imagine My Life, the song of the book (hereinafter, the Song of the Book).

Kang Tae-kwan tells the story of how he started Korean traditional music and how he appeared on a ‘Mr. Trot’ stage by adding trot music to Korean traditional music to the stage without being satisfied with his position as Korean classical musician in the episode 16 of ‘The Song of the Book’ which will air on SmileTV Plus at 2 p.m. on June 14.

He just started his group career as trot idol ‘Mister t’ and expressed his future plans and aspirations while introducing a book ‘How to stop worrying and start living-Dale Carnegie’ which changed his life.

‘The Song of the Book’ is a healing entertainment variety show which is in harmony with songs, books and life stories and a new guest makes an appearance in each episode to introduce a book and share his life story with viewers.

Han Seo-kyung(famous singer for ‘Soyang River Girl’), Kim Byung-chan(national announcer), Jin Shimon(trot prince), Kang Joo-won(Pinocchio), Bae Il-ho(singer of ‘Shin. To. Bool. Yi’), Kwon Sun-guk(Green Zone), Christian Brugos(Mexican entertainer), Yoon Hyung-bin(Wang Bi Ho), Cho Jung-min(rising trot diva), Choi Sung-soo(80's representative singer), Lee Dae-won(National Daengdaengee), Kim Kyung-min(Trot Bull), Choo Ga-yeol(idol of polk scene), Kim Jong-seok(Duk Dak's dad), Hwang Yoon-sung(Trot boyfriend) made appearances(Photo: TRA Media).


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