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Sun Jul 12

‘Fanfare’, living hell thriller movie of villains unveils teaser posters catching the attentions

2020-06-26 09:33:15
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[by Ent Team] The splendid teaser poster for ‘Fanfare’ has been unveiled.

The movie ‘Fanfare’ (director: Lee Don-gu) which is scheduled to be released in July has unveiled its teaser poster today(11th).

‘Fanfare’ is a living hell thriller movie about five villains who got involved in an unexpected murder case describing a cruel night to survive. His debut film Thorn Flowers(2013) was selected to the panorama section of the Berlin International Film Festival and is expected to be the next film by director Lee Don-gu who has received favorable comment for “The Cruel Beauty that follows after Park Chan-wook and Kim Ki-duk”. It preannounces the thrill of more drastic variations by adding intense messages, unconventional theme and experimental genre.

The five villains compete against villain versus villain in the play. Actress Lim Hwa-young transforms a mysterious wicked woman, Jay, actor Park Jong-hwan plays a role of timid villain Hee-tae, actor Nam Yeon-woo spiteful villain Kang-tae, actor Park Se-joon ‘crazy’ villain Baek Gu and film director Lee Seung-won born villain, ‘Ssen’.

The teaser poster unveiled this time catches the attention with a colorful parade. The five villains, Lim Hwa-young, Park Jong-hwan, Nam Yeon-woo, Park Se-joon and Lee Seung-won have lots of unique characteristics to have a strong effect of exploding firecrackers. Images of knives, skulls, lips, snakes and pistols have been placed as if to suggest intimidation, violence, suspicion, conspiracy and murder, alluding to the cruel night of the five villains. It is also provoking curiosity by adding a copy of "Today's work will not be forgotten until death?"

The movie "Fanfare" is scheduled to be released in July and it will get Best Director Award and Best Actress Award at the 23rd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival which will be held from June 27(Photo: Indistory).


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