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Wed May 12

Park Shin Hye, changed an acting style with ‘#Alive’... looking good with a calm look as well

2020-07-02 14:55:43
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[by Ent Team] Park Shin Hye challenged her acting change with ‘#Alive’.

Park Shin Hye made a headline that she showed totally different acting change compared to the previous through a movie, ‘#Alive’ (Director Cho Il Hyung).

‘# Alive’ is a survival thriller about people who are isolated in their apartment alone, being cut off everything such as data, Wi-Fi, text messages and phones, as people with unknown symptoms begin to attack. Among them, Park Shin Hye played another survivor, Yubin, who was making her own survival strategy boldly and calmly.

Yubin is a character who excites the atmosphere of the play just by her appearing. In spite of the situation that are unable to leave the house due to threats by unidentified beings, she showed minute and bold appearance, thoroughly devising survival strategies one by one. In this process, Park Shin Hye portrays the character of Yubin with somewhat relaxed eyes and a calm expression.

The action scene performing at a time of crisis was digested by herself without stand-in. Her efforts, which are united with the character and acted without sparing herself, deliver racy thrill and pleasure.

Applause is pouring on actress, Park Shin Hye, who proved her wide acting spectrum.
It was released today (24th). (Photo Credit: Lotte Entertainment)


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