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Wed May 12

Chungha, ‘Goddess of Passion’, summer queen returning to her 2nd single

2020-07-02 14:57:57
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[by Ent Team] Chungha transformed as the goddess of passion to heat up the hot summer.
Singer, Chungha, released her first photo teaser of PRE-RELEASE SINGLE #2 on her official SNS on 24th.
Chungha in the photo released attempted a different change catching the eye at once. At intensely sunny outside, she created a refreshing atmosphere with colorful sunflower-patterned costumes and draw admiration from fans with her own charismatic aura at the same time. And the hair color, which is mixed with red and orange color mysteriously, more accentuated visual of Chungha, adding a mysterious charm.
Especially, it drawn attention publishing the title of veiled PRE-RELEASE SINGLE #2 was revealed through the photo teaser. Following her 1st pre-released song, 'Stay Tonight', released in April, Chungha visits fans with a song called ‘PLAY’.
While unveiling of the name of new song and the comeback fever is increasing, Chung-ha who has shown an aspect of concept master is expected to heat up the summer music scene, returning as a different appearance beyond expectations from fans. 

Meanwhile, Chungha’s PRE-RELEASE SINGLE #2 ‘Play’ will be released on music sites before 6 p.m. on July 6.  (Photo Credit: MNH Entertainment)

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