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Wed May 12

Lee Jin Hyeok, the challenge is also different from others... ‘Chaos’ by flipping the fried eggs

2020-07-10 15:52:02
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[by Ent Team] Lee Jin Hyeok caught the eye with a unique challenge.
Today (2nd), Lee Jin Hyeok showed a #Up-Side-Down Challenge video clip, which is conducting to the new song, ‘Bedlam’, through the official account of Tik Tok.
In the released video clip, it becomes a topic that Lee Jin Hyeok flipped the fried eggs to match the lyrics of ‘Bedlam’ and an unexpected unique challenge video clip is drawing attention, evoking laughter from fans.
Earlier on the 1st, Lee Jin Hyeok who started the challenge with the concept of “Let's turn everything upside down with Lee Jin Hyeok!” through SNS, released a dance video clip that starts with a 180-degree turn as the first challenge video clip, drawing enthusiastic responses from global music fans.
Lee Jin Hyeok, who released a mini album, ‘Splash!’, on the 30th of last month and made a comeback, hosted a new concept of a bouquet showcase through V Live on the same day, and caught a topic through an acting of 1-player-5-roles showcase under the concept of ‘Jinhyuks' Show’.
While Lee Jin Hyeok, whose a unique concept was followed by a fresh showcase concept and a new song promotion challenge, is drawing keen attention, has released various challenge video clips, from the performance challenge to a challenge with an unique concept that anyone can easily follow, is stimulating curiosity about what kind of video will be released in next time.
Meanwhile, Lee Jin Hyeok will begin regular music broadcasting activities starting with ‘M Countdown’ of Mnet, which will be broadcast today. (Photo Credit: TOP MEDIA)


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