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Wed May 12

Park Sung Woong, it's a good movie to be comic to

2020-07-10 15:54:33
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[by Ent Team] Park Sung Woong is showing a simpleton comic acting in ‘Okay Madame’.
Park Sung Woong breaks from conventional charismatic image through the movie ‘Okay Madam (director, Lee Cheol Ha)’ and changed himself as a loving and immature husband.
‘Okay Madam’ is a ultra action comedy that a couple, who are suddenly engaged in an airplane hijacking incident on their first overseas trip, showed a rescue operations with their hidden inner force, putting aside their ordinary past.

Park Sung Woong, who played the role of Lee Joong-gu, the organization’s No. 2 man in the movie ‘New World’ and showed an aura that overwhelmed the screen, has left a deep impression on our mind with his untouchable charisma in several films. Since then, it becomes a topic that Park Sung Woong has been recognized for acting spectrum in regards of genre, digesting comic acting perfectly through the movie, ‘The Man Inside Me’, is returning to the screen as Seokhwan, an immature husband, who only knows his loving wife Miyoung (Eum Jung Hwa), in ‘Okay Madam’.

Park Sung Woong will show goose-bump couple which is full of sweet and sour with Um Jung Hwa who plays Mi-young, sinking perfectly into a character of Seokhwan, who is always full of love in front of wife. In addition, it is highly anticipated that Park Sung Woong, played a computer master who runs a computer repair shop in the play, known as ‘Yeongcheon Market's Steve Jobs’, is planned to show an exquisite sense of comedy that has been hidden beyond his serious face.

Park Sung Woong said, “I remember that I was trying ad-libs actively at the filming site, and the staff burst into laughter as well. I'm looking forward to the reaction from audience for the comic acting”

It will be released in August (Photo Credit: Mega-Box Central PlusM)


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