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Sat Nov 28

There are a variety of desserts in Hong Kong, what shall we eat?

2020-07-15 09:17:05
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[by Lim Jaeho] A variety of food to eat is just as many desserts in Hong Kong. These days, People have a strong tendency to never miss to eat a dessert after having meals to such an extent as to say "there is a separate stomach for having meals and eating a dessert." There is a lot of food to eat including lots of sights to see in Hong Kong. What kind of desserts are there in Hong Kong? It is good to visit delicious desserts stores in Hong Kong, but you can usually order even after eating up meals at a restaurant. It would be a great way to visit dessert stores if you want to have a deep experience on dessert culture in Hong Kong as the interior of professional dessert stores are also unique.

Tofu Pudding

It is pudding made of soft tofu. Just name reminds us of soft texture of food. You can eat something hot or cold. Its texture of food is similar to Soon-du-bu and is like eating something sweet. There are a variety of desserts stores selling these tofu puddings. Besides, anyone can enjoy something delicious with its silky texture of food and taste. If you want to enjoy an unusual dessert in Hong Kong, why don't you enjoy tofu pudding?


It is a sweet dish shaped like a small dumpling in red-bean gruel, which family members enjoy when they get together. It is a dessert made by being filled with something sweet in glutinous rice flour. Not only does it have something savory such as sesame seeds and peanuts, but it also has sweet bean pastes to add sweet flavor. It is one of the desserts you must eat when visiting Hong Kong.

Egg tart

When you think of Hong Kong, doesn't Egg tart first come to your mind? Egg tart is a dessert that is baked by putting egg custard in the pastry. Pastry makes it egg tart that has crispy texture of taste and cookie dough makes it egg tart that has texture of taste of something like cookie. The sweet and soft custard filling is appealing and the crispy pastry is more appealing with taste in opposition to this. When you visit Hong Kong, you should not forget to enjoy having egg tart.

Then, what should we have before eating a dessert in Hong Kong?

It is necessary to fill your stomach with something delicious before eating such a sweet dessert. In that case, it is recommended that you visit Goobne chicken stores in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Some of menus we can recommend at Goobne chicken are as follows. There are the original Goobne chicken, which boasts a light taste and the red pepper crisp chicken, which gives an appetite with its pungent odor. The original Goobne chicken is appealing as the light taste makes people mouth-watering regardless of likes and dislikes. The red pepper crisp chicken that is a little spicier than the original Goobne chicken is appealing and addictive as it is not fed up with pungent taste. Before eating a delicious dessert, why don't you make your stomach fill with Goobne chicken? (Photo Source: Hong Kong Tourism Board, Goobne Chicken Official Website)


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