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Wed May 12

Lee Sun-bin plays a mysterious passenger role in the movie ‘OK Madam’...She is still beautiful even if covering with a mask.

2020-07-17 15:56:29
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[by Ent Team] The still cut of Lee Sun-bin's ‘Okay Madam’ has been unveiled.

‘Okay Madam(Director: Lee Cheol-ha)’ is the subject of the first in-flight action movie in Korea, which has unveiled Lee Sun-bin’s character still cut that completely is transformed into a passenger veiled in secrecy. It has become a hot topic.

‘Okay Madam’ is a super-grade comedy  in which a couple who suddenly get involved in a hijacking case on plane during their first overseas trip lay aside the ordinary past and try to rescue them with their hidden ability got from long experience.

Actress Lee Sun-bin looked familiar to public in the drama ‘38th Task Force’ later drew attention with her unique presence by giving a variety of performances, contrary to rookies through ‘Missing 9’ and the movie ‘Rampant’ As she is playing an active role regardless of media and genre beyond the boundaries of the screen and TV, she plays a role a passenger who has to arrive in Hawaii without being noticed in movie. She is to give the unpredictable tension to the audience, so expectation on the movie is high.

Lee Sun-bin in photo provokes curiosity through her significant eyes that is wary of the surroundings and her unpredictable appearance that matches the unidentified mysterious passenger character.

Lee Sun-bin said, “It was a pleasant filming site where it had a delightful start and finished delightfully. The action is alive and this movie has many comic elements that happens among unexpected people, so it is an appealing movie” provoking the curiosity about the movie. Director Lee Cheol-ha said about Lee Sun-bin, “She has been growing incredibly while being filmed. She is an actress who continues to try to ask questions about her character and acting and makes us look forward to her new look. It is scheduled to be released in August” (Photo: Megabox Plus M)


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