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Wed May 12

Sunmi, Adios, ‘Pporappippam’...ends the last music show with ‘SBS Inkigayo(popular song)’

2020-07-17 15:57:58
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[by Ent Team] Sunmi has finished her activity of ‘Pporappippam’.

Sunmi who made a comeback with 'Pporappippam' has finished her activity with ‘SBS Inkigayo(popular song)’  that aired on the 11th.

Sunmi has given off her allure beauty with the first and the best appearance for about two weeks. She drew attention with a dress made exclusively for Sunmi by designer Kevin with her splendid styling. In particular, Sunmi showed off her more upgraded appearance by doing her purple eye makeup like the title of her new song flawlessly.

In addition, Sunmi revealed aspects on performance queen with a stage that reminds us of a musical. She made a performance higher quality through perfect chemistry with dancers. She has caught on for her ‘hypnosis dance’ turning fingers as if hypnotizing and ‘dance’ biting fingers(Photo Source: Screenshots of MBC, SBS, Mnet and KBS).


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