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Sat Nov 28

Korean celebrities who are famous for Eating show(Mukbang), what did they eat?

2020-07-21 08:41:27
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[by Lim Jaeho] At some point, Eating show(Mukbang) has become a requirement for entertainment programs. We feel tempted to eat the food celebrities eat on entertainment programs. When we watch them enjoy the food, we can't help but get us mouth-watering during programs.

Many food that celebrities have eaten on entertainment programs sparked a big craze after that program. Today we will find out what kinds of delicious food we want to try to follow of the food celebrities have eaten on entertainment programs.

Hwa Sa of Mamamoo

When we think of 'Eating show(Mukbang)' on entertainment circles, isn't she one of people who come to our mind first. It is Hwa Sa of Mamamoo, girl group that made a debut in 2014. Hwa Sa is a person in the public eye who is famous for enjoying all the food on every show she made an appearance, so everything has become a trend. She is an all-around celebrity who is excellent at not only dancing, singing, and doing entertainment, but also eating. what kinds of food did she eat?

MBC 《I live alone》-Hwa Sa's Gopchang(small intestine)

'Eating show(Mukbang)' of Gopchang(small intestine) which was shown on MBC entertainment program,《I live alone》. Since then, chaos on Gopchang(small intestine) has happened. Her eating with relish made viewers mouth-watering. Since then, it has caused a sensation to such an extent as to happen 'chaos on Gopchang(small intestine)'. Viewers couldn't help but fall in love with her enjoying a variety of menus without playing coy. Hwa Sa who is enjoying Gopchang(small intestine). Isn't this a real Eating show(Mukbang)'?

Sung Hoon

Actor Sung Hoon who is famous for eating just about any type of food. He eats just about any type of food as much as he enjoys exercising. He made a debut for drama, 'New tale of gi saeng' in 2011 and then he has been active in a variety of entertainment programs as well as dramas.

MBC 《I live alone》-Sung Hoon's every kinds of 'Eating show(Mukbang)'

It is definitely due to 'Eating show(Mukbang)' that he can draw viewers' attention. We can only say that his 'Eating show(Mukbang)' that was shown on MBC 《I live alone》is good riddance literally. His eating with relish makes viewers good riddance. Viewers couldn't help but fall in love with him as he not only eats a lot of food also but eats as if having good fortune. As he enjoyed many different kinds of food without being picky, he won a favorable impression from viewers as well as became closer to them.

Sung Hoon, chicken he loves

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