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Sat Nov 28

What is a good dish that goes well with alcohol?

2020-07-27 11:51:13
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[by Lim Jaeho] Many people enjoy aperitif that can be had with food. Drinking alcohol has not necessarily become only when we set a date to drink or we drink too much. When we eat delicious food, there is time when a glass of beer or wine comes to our mind.
Like this, at some point, the culture of enjoying alcohol has spread considerably. 'Drinking alcohol alone', 'drinking beer alone' don't seem strange at all. A lot of people enjoy food with alcohol. Then, What is a delicious dish that goes well with alcohol?


Maraxiangguo is a dish, which your favorite food ingredient is freely sauteed in mara sauce. It is a dish of Szechuan, Chinese, which means 'pot dish' that smells mara flavor. It means it is spicy and tingling taste to such an extent as to paralyze the tongue. Maraxiangguo is sauteed by putting favorite food ingredients such as meat, every kinds of vegetable, dried tofu and seafood in mara sauce, which makes the dish spicy, tasty and mouth-watering. This Maraxiangguo is just perfect for enjoying beer. If you wan to enjoy delicious food because of getting stressed all day, Maraxiangguo enjoying with cool beer, which is just right for it.


Dimsum is also good for enjoying alcohol. Dimsum is a dish that has been cooked and eaten at Cantonese region of southern in China from 3,000 years ago. It is an oily dish, so it is good for enjoying alcohol. It is not a simple dumpling but a dish that can be tasted its juice and the flavor. It goes well with both beer and soju(Korean alcohol). Those who enjoy wine would be good for drinking it with wine.

Goobne Chicken

When we think of alcohol, isn't what we must have a dish made of meat?
Let's enjoy the chicken with alcohol. When we think of chicken, a lot of people might that fried chicken comes to their mind first. However, Goobne Chicken is a grilled chicken, which has light taste and makes a boast of its juice.

The original of Goobne Chicken is characterized by its light taste as it is rich in its juice and grilled. The red pepper crisp, another popular menu is just perfect for the people who enjoy spicy taste as it has pungent taste and light taste of grilled chicken is added. Goobne Chicken goes well with any kind of alcohol such as beer, soju(had a lot in Korea), somaek(mixed with soju and beer), wine and kaoliang liquo.

Let's visit Goobne Chicken stores in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong and enjoy Goobne Chicken along with cool alcohol as well as a nice nightscape(photo source: Ra Hua Kungbu, Hong Kong Tourism Board and Goobne Chicken official website).

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