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Wed May 12

Kim Da Mi x Jeon So Ni x Byeon Woo Seok, make an appearance on ‘Soulmate’...It is after a long time since ‘The Witch’

2020-07-31 16:38:48
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[by Ent Team] The cast for ‘Soulmate’ has been completed. A movie ‘Soulmate(working title/director: Min Yong Geun)’ has decided to cast Kim Da Mi, Jeon So Ni and Byeon Woo Seok and is preparing for the shoot, aiming to start filming in August.

Kim Da Mi has proved she was a general trend actress, giving an intense acting on a movie ‘The Witch’, winning Best New Actress Award of the year and making ‘Itaewon Class’ a hit in a row and she is scheduled to show she is not a same person she used to be on the previous works.

Jeon So Ni who has given an impressive acting as Lee Bo Young from the past on a movie ‘The Dawning Rage’ and a drama ‘Hwayang Yeonhwa-When My Love Blooms’ is to keep in step with Kim Da Mi.

In addition, Byeon Woo Seok who has given a stable acting on drama ‘Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency’ stable acting will make an appearance, too. It is his first time in the movie.
Kim Da Mi said “I am so excited to see you in a movie as it is after a long time since ‘The Witch’ and the expectation on working on the film with director Min Yong Geun and actress Jeon So Ni become very high”.

Director Min Yong Geun will show the work that makes it higher quality based on delicate directing ability shown on the previous work ‘Re-encounter’.

It is scheduled to start filming(photo: And Marq, Management SOOP, Varo Entertainment).


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